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Natural Grab Products are warranted against any defects due to factory, material and workmanship. Warranty period is minimum 1 year starting from the delivery and succesful tests of the product.

see warranty policy here...

Operator training

Upon delivery of any product set (after assembly of the equipment) the operators are trained to use the equipment in the most efficient and safe way. All these tests and trainings are recorded for quality standards. Furthermore customers can always request for training or visual materials  for their new operators just by writing to

Technician training

Most of the stevedore company have their own technical  staff in order to intervene minor problems with the equipment.  These staff are also informed about the mechanism and details of the equipment so that they can immediately fix small problems, such as air trap or hydraulic problems. All these kind of possible problems with their solutions are explained to the technicians and relevant manuals delivered with the equipment. This short training process usually saves hundreds of valuable work hours.

Technical service and spare part procurement

Upon requesting a technical support,(  Natural Grab will direct you the nearest trained technician service in your country immediately.  Most of the technical service companies having agreement with Natural Grab hold a stock of most common spare parts in their stores in order to intervene the situation urgently.  If the problem is more severe Original spare parts are always available in case the  repair operation requires. 

Natural Grab has the cheapest spare parts in the sector with the highest material quality.